The Bloodstone Skull Campaign

It is the 18th of Ches 1372DR. In the cold north of Faerun, the former kingdom of Vaasa is an unforgiving and hard land. After the destruction of the Lich Zhengyi, also known as the Witch-King, there has been no centralised power or organised government. Roaming hordes of monsters and briggands plague the sparce populace trying to eke out a living in the unforgiving cold. A few independent barronies still rule over small patches of land, but most of the inhabitants have no masters.

You live in a small village called Gunthar in the Barrony of Gaal, about 40 miles south of Palischuck. The local lords don’t permit vilagers to travel much, and you will most ikely have lived there all your life. You will have travelled to the nearby villages and the nearby town Talheim, but other that that your life is fairly cut off from the outside world. During the summer, a few local traders take their wares to Bloodstone pass once a month. These trade caravans are accompanied by the local militia, and if you are lucky, you may have been on one of these trips. Outsiders are not welcome in the barrony, and travellers are usually “persuaded” to travel around the Barrony by the militia who patroll the borders.

The seven largest settlements in the area, are ruled by a half dragon lords. The lords all serve under Baron Lukström Gaal, who presides over the seventh and largest settlement, Talheim himself. The lords are strict, but fair (usually). They expect strict adherence to their laws, and enforce these rigorously. Although they are not unnecessarily cruel, some of the human enforcers in the militia have been known to flaunt their power and act cruelly towards to the local populace. The lords despise half horcs, half elves and any other bastardised races. This has led to most of the humans in the barrony to have racist tendencies themselves. You may or may not think along these lines yourself. The few half orcs and elves in the barrony are usually slaves, beggars or outcasts, and are generally ill treated by the lords, militia and other inhabitants.

Your quiet life in the cold mountains of Vaasa is usually devoid of any excitement and adventure… Until one cold evening just before the melting of spring…