The White Talons


The White Talons was an adventuring group of half-dragons. Little is known of them before 1347, when they killed a vampire in the Galena mountains and established the Barony of Gaal in his former domain. The vampire’s castle held a huge treasure trove, and they used some of the money to pay locals to set up a militia under their control. The leader of the party was Lukström Gaal, who proclaimed himself as Baron Gaal, quickly seized control over the eight settlements in the area. He claimed the largest of these, Talheim, as his capital, and each of the other members became lords over six of the remaining settlements. One village, Skørnheim, was left without a lord, and a local counsellor was appointed to serve as the baron’s representative.


Lukström Gaal – Wizard
Bruathar K’tash – Cleric of Tiamat
Ulgar Feyadorn – Fighter
Set Cul Avaros – Rogue
Mir-Val Avaros – Wizard
Calto Fin Do’omir – Monk
Sonhael Gelmedir – Fighter

The White Talons

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