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Welcome to the Bloodstone Skull campaign.


This wiki will serve as a reference about people, places and events in the game. Whereas the wiki will by no means be a complete guide to Faerun, it will serve as an accesable resource for the players to immerse themselves deeper into the game. It is not expected of players to memorise the entire wiki, or to read it at all in actual fact. Use it if and when it suits you. However, keep in mind that when it comes to dishing out rewards, the GM might feel more generous towards those who use and contribute to the site.

Dive right in

To get yourself started, have a look at the following wiki entries:
The Barony of Gaal
Baron Lukström Gaal
The White Talons

Growing the wiki

If you have any comments, contributions, requests or corrections for the wiki, please contact the GM. You are welcome to make additions to the wiki if you like.

Main Page

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