Lukström Gaal



Baron Lukström Gaal rules over a small barrony on the Vaasa side of the eastern Galena mountains. The baron is a half-dragon mage and rules his subjects with an iron hand. His militia patrols the villages and borders of the barrony relentlesly, and very little happens inside the borders without his knowledge.

Although the baron’s militia tends to interfere quite a lot in the lives of his subjects, he rarely shows his face in public himself.


A secretive half dragon wizard. Standing 6’10" tall, the barron is an imposing figure. He rarely appears in public, and when he does so, seems not to enjoy being in large crowds.


Not much is known about Lukström Gaal before he proclaimed himself Baron in 1347DR. He was the leader of an adventuring group called The White Tallons. After defeating a powerful vampire near Talheim, he and his companions set themselves up as the lords over the local villages. The baron used the riches they discovered in the castle to establish a militia, and quickly subjegated Talheim and the seven surrounding villages. The six other members of the White Talons each became lord over one of the villages in the barrony. In the seventh village, Skørnheim, a counsillor was appointed to act as the barron’s representative.

Recent activities

During the rule of Zhengyi, Gaal payed fealty to the Witch-King, and some of the local millitia were co-opted into Zhengyi’s army. Since the demise of Zhengyi, Gaal has had little dealings with the outside world. Diplomatic envoys from Palischuck and other regional powers are shown away forcefully, and the barron allows few peoplke to enter or leave the barrony.

Lukström Gaal

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